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Your Feet Deserve To Smile! :) 

The viral slides that are making comfort popular. Every step feels like heaven, making you fall deeper in love the longer you wear them.

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Walk the pain-free runway

Whether you have sore feet, or just want something comfy, Pillow Slides feel just like crawling into bed after a long day. *ahhh

Your feet will be relieved and happy from the moment you slide them on, to your last step of the day.

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Your Foots Bestfriend, they'll never leave. 

Like a dog, you’ll never want Pillow Slides to leave your side. And you’ll never have to! 

They easily style with every fit, mood, and activity. 

Wear them lounging, shopping, camping, clubbing, cuddling, kickboxing, traveling, beaching, and the list goes on. 

They’re lightweight, versatile, and waterproof so you can take your comfort everywhere.

Other reasons our 300,000+ foot heaven members love pillow slides:

Foot Heaven Every Step(If your feet aren't happy, money back)
Foot Pain Relief(There's no room for pain in your day)
Water Proof(wear them snorkeling if you want!)
Easy to clean (water and a towel for 2 seconds) 
30-day test(don’t like them, money back)
Anti-slip (no more embarrassing falls)

If Pillow Slides don't feel like walking on clouds, then have your money back :) Pick your fav color and slide into heaven today, before the sale ends.

Welcome to a

World of Comfort

Before you start walking on clouds, there are a couple of things you should know:

They're solely yours.

Our slides are naturally hard when they first arrive. We kindly urge you to try wearing them for a week to let the slides fully settle in and mold to the shape of your feet. To quicken the process, you may soak them in warm water for 30 minutes.

Nothing lasts forever!

To prolong the durability and comfort of your new slides, make sure to never leave them outside in heat for extended periods of time. If left outside, there is a possibility that your slides may shrink.