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Deck / Boat Slippers

Oat Latte
Ocean Blue
Women's US (size chart below)

Anti Slip Material & Texture

A beautiful day on your boat shouldn’t be interrupted by a dangerous slip and fall. The Pillow Slides Boat Slippers feature our patented Anti-Slip Texture, providing maximum traction and safety. Don’t get caught sliding around on the deck! 

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All-Day Comfort

Whether you’re fishing, crabbing, enjoying a cool beverage or socializing with friends, our Boat Slippers provides all-day comfort. Our Pillow Slide technology baked into every pair of Boat Slippers ensures you’ll stay comfortable while cruising through the water.


Foot Pain Relief

Ankle and foot pain can derail even the best planned boating trip. Don’t wait until you're out-to-sea before sliding on a pair of pain-relieving Boat Slippers. Consider foot pain a thing of the past.

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Good for Bad Joints

Shoddy hips, creaky knees, and ankles in anguish need Boat Slippers. Pillow Slides’ Boat Slippers cradle and contour to your foot’s natural arch, providing a sturdy base that extends support up to the lower back. Our cutting-edge slipper design handles increased weight loads, easing pressure on all of your joints.

Our Boat Slippers are being cast away soon! Get yours before they’re gone!

Welcome to a

World of Comfort

Before you start walking on clouds, there are a couple of things you should know:

They're solely yours.

Our slides are naturally hard when they first arrive. We kindly urge you to try wearing them for a week to let the slides fully settle in and mold to the shape of your feet. To quicken the process, you may soak them in warm water for 30 minutes.

Nothing lasts forever!

To prolong the durability and comfort of your new slides, make sure to never leave them outside in heat for extended periods of time. If left outside, there is a possibility that your slides may shrink.