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Men's Edema Slippers

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Alleviate foot pain and pressure while feeling like you're walking on clouds.


The Pillow Slides edema slippers for men are soft, thick, and perfect for relieving the pressure in your feet. Each step feels like walking on pillows for all-day comfort and pain relief.

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Edema Slippers for Foot Pain

Our men's edema slippers help relieve foot pain that results from swelling. The cushioned design of our edema slippers alleviates pressure from walking. This provides endless comfort to your feet while wearing your Pillow Slides.

Joint Pain

Our edema slippers for men feature a 15° angled toe-to-tail design. This angle helps balance the pressure from your feet up through your hips. Balancing this pressure provides pain relief through the joints in your legs like your ankles, knees, and hips.

All-Day Comfort

The Pillow Slides edema slippers for men are made with 4.5cm thick, anti-chafe EVA compression material. This design supports and comforts your feet for as long as you wear them. Our men's edema slippers help reduce the pressure of walking, making them perfect for keeping on all day long.


Our edema slippers feature an anti-slip, textured material to help prevent falls while keeping your foot from coming out. You also won't feel any chafing or blistering while wearing your Pillow Slides.

These slippers are also super lightweight. You won't even feel them while they're one!

A step into foot comfort starts with the Pillow Slides, Save 60% Off Today.

Welcome to a

World of Comfort

Before you start walking on clouds, there are a couple of things you should know:

They're solely yours.

Our slides are naturally hard when they first arrive. We kindly urge you to try wearing them for a week to let the slides fully settle in and mold to the shape of your feet. To quicken the process, you may soak them in warm water for 30 minutes.

Nothing lasts forever!

To prolong the durability and comfort of your new slides, make sure to never leave them outside in heat for extended periods of time. If left outside, there is a possibility that your slides may shrink.